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TicketsNow, a Leading Ticket Resale Marketplace
At TicketsNow, our top priority is to provide the most consumer-friendly experience in the event ticket resale industry. Our online resale marketplace is designed to give you the tools and information you need to make a confident ticket purchase when you want to buy from other fans and professional resellers.

TicketsNow: Setting the High Standard in Event Ticket Resale
TicketsNow is passionate about doing resale right, and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Fans can expect that TicketsNow will provide:

  • Clear identification that the marketplace is a reseller of tickets and full disclosure that the ticket prices listed in the marketplace may be above face value;
  • A guarantee that tickets will arrive in time for your event or you will receive a full refund of the purchase;
  • Clear terms and conditions, stated up front – before you purchase the tickets; and
  • Clear ticket status information to tell you:
  • if the ticket is in-hand with the seller and ready to be shipped;
  • if the ticket is secured but will ship at a later date (in cases such as where a season ticket holder hasn’t yet received their tickets); or
  • if the desired ticket is not yet available; (in this case, the seller is offering to secure tickets in a particular section on behalf of the buyer at a listed price).

Tickets When, Where and How You Want Them
TicketsNow is an event ticket resale marketplace where fans of live entertainment buy and sell tickets. Sellers—individual fans and professional resellers – list event tickets they can't use - setting their own price. Buyers shop for tickets they want - selecting the seats that are just right for them. Individual events generally feature a range of ticket prices, including prices above and below retail, allowing you to select the tickets you want at a price you want to spend. Additionally, TicketsNow offers Ticketmaster’s TicketFast® delivery option on select tickets, enabling you to quickly and easily download and print tickets from your own computer. With TicketFast barcode transfer technology, fans are reissued the tickets they purchase in the TicketsNow resale marketplace with a new barcode, further enhancing the safety and security of their purchase.

Tickets On Time, Every Time
TicketsNow guarantees your tickets will be delivered in time for your event or your money back and lets you know when you can expect your tickets to ship. When you shop on TicketsNow, you can select the type of ticket listing that's right for you.

Ticket Types
We feature three unique types of ticket listings, which are clearly identified unlike most other resale marketplaces. First, there are tickets that are available and ready to ship within three business days. And then there are tickets to which the individual seller owns the rights to but are not available for immediate delivery. In this case, a specific ship date is noted in the ticket listing. The third type of ticket listing is "Section Seating." Section Seating is a concierge-style ticketing service where the ticket is not yet available and the listing reseller will seek to procure the ticket for you. After you place an order for seats in your desired section or area as noted in the ticket listing information shown, and your order is confirmed, TicketsNow guarantees that tickets, as good or better than the ones selected, will be procured and delivered in time for your event or your money back.

What is Ticketmaster Verified?
Ticketmaster's exclusive barcode verification technology provides consumers the ultimate in security and convenience. Select tickets listed on TicketsNow are verified by Ticketmaster and then reissued with new barcodes for the buyer, guaranteeing the validity of the ticket. Additionally, fans have instant access to their tickets via electronic delivery, which enables purchasers to print their tickets within minutes of each sale.

Great Customer Experiences
We know that you have options when it comes to purchasing event tickets, which is why TicketsNow is committed to providing you ultimate confidence, choice, and control of your ticket buying experience. We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer care and are here to serve as your partner at every step of the ticket-buying process - whether you choose to order online or by phone.

Contact Us
If you have a general sales question or would like help ordering tickets, call 800.927.2770 or email us at If you purchased tickets from TicketsNow and have questions regarding your order, please contact TicketsNow Customer Care at or by phone at 800.927.2770.

A Trusted Partner Marketplace
TicketsNow powers a number of partner marketplaces, including the Official Fan Marketplaces for Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, Radio City Music Hall, US Open Tennis, Los Angeles Lakers, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Capital One Bowl, and Russell Athletic Bowl, as well as several other college bowls and universities.

Does Ticketmaster hold back its clients’ tickets to divert them to TicketsNow?
Ticketmaster does not divert inventory designated by our clients for primary sales into the resale market. Ticketmaster takes its responsibility to fans as the ticketing agent for its clients very seriously.

How are the tickets priced?
Ticket prices are set by the seller, not by the website.

Are tickets always more expensive on TicketsNow?
Highly popular events often have fewer seats available than the number of people who want them. This means the tickets that are available tend to rise in price until the supply exceeds the demand. This is a classic example of market-based pricing. We see this regularly in the airline and hotel industries; flights and rooms for holiday weekends are always more expensive than at other times of the year. The resellers on TicketsNow are constantly monitoring this demand and prices adjust accordingly. However, for events that aren't in high demand, tickets can often end up being offered below their original face value, resulting in great deals for consumers who are bargain hunting.

How can tickets to some events sell out in a matter of minutes?
Ticketmaster, through its website alone, has sold more than 14,000 tickets per minute during high demand event onsales. However, it is not uncommon for several hundred thousand fans to make ticket requests in that same timeframe. So for an arena event with a 10,000-seat capacity, with an average of three tickets per transaction, only 3,500 fans' purchases are satisfied. Before the internet, fans waited in lines at retail outlets, where you could easily see how many people were ahead of you. In the cyber age, all the fans are behind a computer screen all vying for the same pool of tickets.

Are there any legal issues associated with ticket resale?
Ticketmaster and TicketsNow are committed to providing fans with the highest levels of service, choice, convenience, and security, and are committed to doing so lawfully. Ticketmaster and TicketsNow have been working with local jurisdictions across the United States and Canada, with a myriad of different and sometimes conflicting local laws, to ensure legal compliance, so that the laws reflect the fast-changing technology and marketplace. In fact, Ticketmaster has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent unauthorized activity on its site by those using automated computer programs (or “bots”) which deprive fans of access to tickets meant for the general public.

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