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Blue Man Group Tickets

Bald-headed men in blue latex paint might sound like a reincarnation of the Smurfs, but the men of Blue Man Group are an international phenomenon! Come see the Blue Man Group converge lights, music, and props to create a must-see show! Buy your Blue Man Group tickets now!
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Blue Man Group Tickets

The wonderful thing about Blue Man Group (other than the fact that their show is an incredible spectacle) is that they go absolutely everywhere! Usually when you think of Blue Man, you think of Vegas, and it’s true that they spend most of their time on the strip. But they also do a number of shows outside of Sin City from New York to Biloxi.

The trio of friends (Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton) worked as caterers for Glorious Foods in Manhattan, New York in 1988. They started appearing on the streets of NY wearing black clothing and decked in their traditional blue make-up and performing different types of unusual events. They eventually moved to La MaMa Experimental Theater Club where they performed shorts.

Meryl Vladimer, artistic director at La MaMa, enjoyed the trio’s work and commissioned them to create their own show. The three came up with TUBES, and as more people heard about the show, the bigger the friends got. It wasn’t long before the group moved to the Astor Place Theater in 1991.

They have had a number of different adaptations of their original show, but all of them have some form of drumming to get the blood flowing. The trio never speaks or makes grand gestures on the stage. Instead, they use their eyes to show a range of emotions including surprise, curiosity and wonder.

The bliss of the show comes in its simplicity. It is about discovery, movement and change. The group interacts with one another before taking on a new challenge or obstacle. The “idea” behind them being blue is that they do not have any race to stereotype them. They are as innocent as children and just as curious.

Themes for their shows include self-consciousness with regard to cultural norms (such as the Twinkies act), innocence, bombardment by information, science and technology and even the common idea behind the “rooftop” theme. The latter idea is one in which always seems to be explored in their shows, going along the path of “moving or climbing to the top”. This idea was said to have come from the program on PBS where Joseph Campbell discussed myths, known as The Power of Myth.

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