Sacramento Kings Basketball

The Sacramento Kings currently hold the distinction of being the only team in one of the major professional sports leagues in the U.S. to be located in Sacramento, California. In the 1920s, before they were even known by their Sacramento Kings title, the team was running the court as a semi-professional basketball team in Rochester, New York. The Kings are a team with a long history of serious play. Will the Kings own this season? Don’t miss a moment of the action; purchase your Sacramento Kings tickets today!

The Kings first existed as the Rochester Royals based out of Rochester, New York, where they joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1945. The 1950s saw the Royals relocate to Cincinnati before the 1970s shuffled the team off to be split between Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri. 1985 saw another relocation of the franchise to its present Sacramento home. Notable players and Basketball Hall of Famers who helped build the team include Al Cervi, Bobby Wanzer, Nate Archibald and Oscar Robinson. Members of the Pacific Division the Kings’’main rivals are the Los Angeles Lakers.

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