Ricky Martin Concert Tickets

Through his international successes, Ricky Martin has helped further a Latin influence to American mainstream pop music. The Grammy award winning international star is famous for his catchy songs, incredible moves and acting talent. While his Spanish and English albums have been widely popular among audiences of all ages, his live performances are just as memorable. Get your Ricky Martin concert tickets now to see the charismatic star LIVE.

Ricky Martin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in December 1971. His parents we're both employed professionals and, though they split up when he was only a few years old, both have recounted memories of Martin singing as early as six years old. As his parents took note of his musical inclinations and knack for performance, they began to attempt to involve him in the media. When he was younger than 10, Martin would begin acting in commercial spots for Puerto Rican products. The notoriety that he acquired throughout this process would ultimately grant him entrance, after several auditions, into the popular band Menudo. Martin was only 13 when he was offered a spot in the group, making him the band's youngest member.

Menudo and rise to fame
Martin performed and toured with Menudo for a period of five years spanning from 1984 to 1989. During this time he became extremely well known in Puerto Rico and a host of Latin American countries for his dancing and singing abilities. Nonetheless, as he progressed through adolescence he felt that he would be better suited for other endeavors, and left the band to pursue his interests. In his 18th year, Martin moved to Mexico City. While there he appeared on a number of television shows, most notably Alcanzar Uno Estrella, a popular soap opera. His rise to prominence in a new culture furthered his notoriety, eventually gaining him the attention of Sony Music Entertainment, who offered him a recording contract in the early 1990s. After recording with SME for roughly a year, an eponymous debut record was released in late autumn 1991.

Commercial success and critical acclaim
Following the release of Ricky Martin, Martin would go on to put out nine more solo records. They include Sound Loaded, Life, Almas del Silencio, Vuelve, and Me Amaras, among others. These records, paired with the dozen albums Martin recorded while touring with Menudo, have established Martin as one of the best-selling musical artists of all time. He has sold more than 80 million records internationally, with his second eponymous album, Ricky Martin, selling more than 20 million alone. Among a plethora of other awards, Martin has received a staggering six Grammys throughout his career.

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