Marc Anthony Tickets

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Marc Anthony is a songwriter, actor, producer and singer, as well as being spouse to the fabulous Jennifer Lopez. Anthony’s musical sound ranges from Latin inspired pop beats to dance and salsa. His abilities have earned him several Grammy Awards including multiple Latin Grammy Awards. Do not miss your opportunity to experience the talent, purchase your Marc Anthony tickets today!

His music career started singing backup for groups like Menudo in the 1980s. Anthony’s original preferred vocal method was freestyle, and it was in this genre that he put out his debut album “Rebel” in the late 80s. The 1991 release of collaborative effort “When the Night Is Over” saw the single “Ride on the Rhythm” rise to the top of the dance music charts. Being only mildly successful in the freestyle arena, Anthony made the change to salsa and Latin pop in the 1990s. Starting in 1993 with the release of “Otra Nota” Anthony found his stride and began saturating the international charts with his sound. The next two album releases also hit the charts and culminated in a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden for the Latin crooner.

Fast becoming a Billboard chart buster, Anthony continued to prove that he is a talent unparalleled. In 1999 the release of his self-titled initial English language album saw the tune “I Need To Know” burn up the charts. So began Anthony’s crossover success into the English-speaking market similar to acts like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. While successful in bridging the Anglophone marketplace, Anthony continued to stay true to his Latin roots as seen in the release of “El Cantante” and “Iconos” containing hits “Mi Gente” and “Y Como Es El.”

A great concert experience for the whole family, reviews from concertgoers celebrate Anthony as an icon of Latin music and shout “best concert ever!” Join the legions that are in the know and get the chance to experience Marc Anthony live in concert. Tickets sellout fast, so make sure to get your Marc Anthony tickets today!