Atlanta Hawks Basketball Tickets

Before they became airborne, the Atlanta Hawks were grounded as the Buffalo Bisons when the basketball franchise was first established in 1946. Holding a number of championship, conference and divisional titles in their talons, the Hawks have become a hometown institution. Atlanta Hawks tickets are a big score for any fan, local or satellite.

Part way into their first season the team took to the sky where they became the Tri-Cities Blackhawks based out of Moline, Illinois. In 1951, the team relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and became known as simply the Hawks. During this time period, the Hawks were one of the league's worst basketball teams.

The Hawks franchise played its earliest years in cities ranging from Moline to Milwaukee, but it was during its time in St. Louis that the team delivered its first championship in 1959. After their move to St. Louis, Missouri, the team adopted a new name, the St. Louis Hawks. With young players and new surroundings, the team eventually became one of the most feared basketball contenders in the league.

Despite moving to Atlanta less than 10 years later, the Hawks still enjoyed success year after year. While the franchise has moved all over the country, the Hawks have called Atlanta home for more than 45 years. In the 1980s, they were one of the most exciting teams in the NBA thanks to superstar players such as Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb. During the latter half of the decade, they were among the best teams in the league. Since then, the fan base has continued to grow, giving the team one of the most passionate followings in the NBA and making Atlanta Hawks tickets in high demand.

After Wilkins' departure, the Hawks settled into a rut, but they came out of it in the middle of the 2000s thanks to the arrival of a crop of young talent. Regardless if they are up or down, the reviews handed out by Atlanta Hawks fans are glowing. Swing by Phillips Arena and cheer the Atlanta Hawks on to victory! Get the experience of a lifetime when you purchase your Atlanta Hawks tickets today!