Detroit Red Wings Hockey Tickets

2017-18 Detroit Red WIngs Season Tickets: The Detroit, Michigan, based Red Wings will put on nothing less than an exhilarating game worthy of a U.S. team that boasts the most Stanley Cup championships in the NHL. With record after record being set, there is no telling if you may get a chance of watching history being made LIVE at one of their games! Get your Detroit Red Wings tickets today so that you don’t miss one second of the LIVE NHL action!

Detroit is known for making cars and having tough sports teams. This may be why it comes as no surprise that fans often purchase Detroit Red Wings tickets to see the home team crush its opponents. Detroit fans bleed hockey, mainly because the team is one of the original six in the league. The other franchises that boast this same honor are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks.

The National Hockey League is known for its intense rivalries and fierce competition, and being part of the Original Six, the Red Wings were no exception. The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs each partook in early rivalries with the Red Wings, with the Colorado Avalanche pulling up the caboose on the opposition action later on. Throughout the years the Red Wings picked up star players including Slava Fetisov, Igor Larionov, Bob Probert and NHL hall of famer Steve Yzerman.

Red Wings fans have more than just history on their side, the team has plenty of Stanley Cup wins as well. In fact, the Red Wings earned the title of most Stanley Cup championships of any NHL franchise in the U.S. and third overall in the entire NHL, as of the 2011 season. The franchise has fought its way to the top 11 times, only behind the Canadiens (24 Cups) and the Maple Leafs (13).

After a 40 year stretch at Joe Louis Arena, you can catch all the action at the Little Caesars Arena. Nowadays Red Wings enthusiasts head to Little Caesars Arena to watch the home team play. A great ticket anytime, fans declare that a Red Wings game is a great experience for the whole family! Ever seen an octopus thrown onto the ice? Don’t miss your chance to witness the “Legend of the Octopus” first hand and partake in a tradition over fifty years old; get your Detroit Red Wings tickets today!