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Yankee Stadium Tickets
New York Yankees Tickets at TicketsNow

New York Yankees Tickets

The New York Yankees look to return their glory days at Yankee Stadium! Don't miss your chance to see your New York Yankees LIVE at Yankee Stadium! Buy or sell your New York Yankees tickets now! You can find the New York Yankees schedule below:
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New York Yankees Baseball Tickets

The New York Yankees are a legendary team that stretches far beyond baseball.The Yankees’ all-stars have spanned the ages, making the team one of the most recognizable sports franchises around the world. With retired numbers from players such as Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, and Mariano Rivera, the Yanks have become synonymous with some of baseball’s most memorable talent.

A storied past
Fans of the Yankees might know that the team - one of the eight American League franchises set up in the early 1900s - originally spent a brief period as the Baltimore Orioles. They then went by the name the New York Highlanders. They didn’t become the Yankees until 1913.

Currently, the team is owned and controlled by Yankee Global Enterprise, an LLC operated by the Steinbrenner family. In 2007, Yankee Global Enterprise began working closely with Chinese and Japanese baseball clubs to scout international talent and share strategies.

George Steinbrenner, one of the team’s more famous owners, gained control of the team in 1973. Steinbrenner not only played an integral role in the team history, but also his likeness played an important part in perpetuating the famous TV sitcom “Seinfeld.”  The Yankees clubhouse might be just as well known for their pinstripe uniforms as they are for earning World Series titles.

Over the years, the Yankees have taken home an impressive 27 World Series trophies, starting in 1923 and continuing well into the late 2000s. Despite their rather impeccable record, including winning 40 American League pennants and having more than 40 players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the team did suffer a drought in the 1980s. With such a wealth of accolades, the New York Yankees have certainly earned their spot as one of the world’s most iconic names in sports. 

Lasting fame
The New York Yankees dominated Major League Baseball as the millennium came to a close, winning the Commissioner’s Trophy in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Despite a couple minor setbacks in the 2000s, the Yanks won a World Series title in 2009 and consistently produce a post-season threat out of the East Division. While Yankees all-star Alex Rodriguez was suspended from the MLB for the 2014 season, he returned to the diamond with plans to make a major impact in 2015. 

As famous as the franchise is, the Yankees’ rivalry with the Boston Red Sox is renowned as possibly the fiercest in America’s professional sports domain. A dedicated and loyal fan base help keep the Bombers’ rivalry with the BoSox going strong. An infamous group of fans deemed the “bleacher creatures” show their hardcore faithfulness by taunting the opposing team’s fans and right fielder. 

Regardless if it’s a home or away game, the New York Yankees presence draws a crowd of fans that always produces an uptick in game attendance. The Yankee experience is an event that needs to be seen live, not just read about. “Get Ready For This” by getting your New York Yankees baseball tickets today!