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Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets

Jesus Christ Superstar is the hit musical from the minds of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Audiences find the musical scores riveting and plot line mesmerizing. Purchase Jesus Christ Superstar theater tickets now.
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Jesus Christ Superstar
By Jeanne from Wellsboro, PA on 3/13/2010
Amateurish, Bad Singing, Poorly Acted, Too Short
Best For:
Casual Theater-Goers

I got to see this in Elmira NY, my girlfriend got the tickets,and drove for over an hour,this was my first real play and to see a show I have loved since its conception, I almost died when I got home and saw what she was horrible and I am glad I did not watch the movie again before I saw this play, the set never changes, Ted talks to himself, they totally changed the ending and Mary Magdalene acted like she could care less about him,,I was very disappointed and later read how it is a stripped down version.........well for [$] I could have seen a Broadway Play........

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Moving and Amazing
By Michele from Northampton, MA on 12/4/2009
Audience Loved It, Brilliant Acting, Engaging Plot, Fantastic Music, Great Costumes, Great Lighting/Effects, Great Set Design, Moving, Very Funny
Best For:

I saw it in April of 2009. The only scene which musically could have been better was when the lepers ask Jesus for healing. All the other productions I have seen did it very well. However, I was emotionally moved to see Ted Neeley, who at the age of 66, was still able to belt out rock. I went with a professional singer and musician, who is very good at his craft and he was AMAZED at Neeley's performance and being able to belt out rock at his age. He is not the type to cry, but did during the crucifixion. I did also. I am SO happy after all these years, am still able to see the Neeley version. I have seen the one on Broadway and it left me cold. A large explosion like a dud firework at the end after they remove Christ's dead body and lie it on the ground under the cross. Neeley's version shows dignity, respect and love for Jesus. It also adds the mystical element as seen in the movie, of the possibility of resurrection. I will go to it again should it come near my town. I hope it does. I give all my love and respect to Ted Neeley for giving his love to his performance, for so long.[...] I believe after Neeley, no one, will ever perform this as it should be done. We are very lucky to still have him.

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Jesus only lived to be 33, not 66.
By tjtigers18 from Detroit on 3/4/2009
Great Lighting/Effects, It was short
Amateurish, Bad Singing, Judas was overacting, Poorly Acted, Ted Neely sounded 100
Best For:

So I went to this play anticipating a repeat performance of the time I had seen it 4 years ago. I was very excited because I had been listening to the sound track for days.We got there and from the beginning strange slow motion fight scene to Judas clutching his stomach every two seconds [...] to Jesus talking to himself and muttering for minutes on end, I was horrified.The scenery never changed[...]. The scenery was dirty and completely black.There was NOTHING in this play that I enjoyed. It was awful. The only good thing about it was that it was shorter than I expected.My grandpa saved his money to take us to this play. He bought 24 tickets and spend LOTS of money to treat his family to a completely ridiculous version of JCS.And to all those that say "My grandchildren/children/parents loved it" No. they didn't actually love it. Because they weren't going to tell you, the buyer of the ticket, that they disliked it. That's insulting and rude. But you still aren't convinced, you come on here and check to see what the reviews are good, hoping to see some good-samaritan saying that it was good just to prove himself too. In reality, nobody liked this play and it's a circle of lies and people trying to convince themselves that it was good. That's all. Sorry to be so negative, but I was so disappointed and felt bad to see my grandfather hating a play he spent tons of money on.

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Spectacular Show -- Dreadful Theatre
By Danelle from Groveland, MA on 5/20/2008
Audience Loved It, Brilliant Acting, Engaging Plot, Fantastic Music, Great Lighting, Great Set Design, Ted Neeley - the BEST
Brusque theatre personnel, Drunk patrons, From tall person in front, LONG bathroom lines, My seat - felt cramped, Not a nice theatre, People laughing nearby, People singing nearby, Seating - blocked view
Best For:
Everyone, The Whole Family

I've seen this show many times, and Ted Neeley just gets better and better. He OWNS this role! JC Superstar is my favorite piece of theatre and I'll go see it, anywhere! This was my first time at the Opera House in Boston and though we had very close-up seats in Orchestra Center Row, H, many in the nearby crowd marred my enjoyment of this play. The seats were cramped. The fellow next to me was hugely obese and was encroaching into my seat space. A woman several seats down was drunk and singing and talking through important parts of the play; someone else was laughing and giggling during inappropriate moments. The fellow in front of me was half a head taller than everyone else in that row and his head continuously, and constantly, blocked my view of the stage. The whole theatre felt cramped and packed and claustrophobic. Many of the personnel were abrupt to the point of being rude. Between the bad, cramped seating, the rudeness of the nearby patrons, and the brusqueness of some of the theatre personnel, I found the Opera House to be a miserable place to watch one's favorite play. I had a MUCH better time seeing this play at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT, and the theatre in Lowell!

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Jesus Christ Superstar Theater Tickets

Jesus Christ Superstar is a classic story written by legendary composers Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, the same minds behind Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Phantom of the Opera. Jesus Christ Superstar features unforgettable songs like “Everything’s Alright,” “Superstar,” “What’s the Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying,” “Simon Zealots/Poor Jerusalem,” “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” and “Damned for All Time/Blood Money.” Buy your Jesus Christ Superstar tickets today and enjoy one of the most beloved musicals of all time.

Jesus Christ Superstar follows the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth during the final days of his ministry. The musical is set more than 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem, when the Roman Empire was struggling to maintain control of the Jewish population. During the show, soldiers continue to fight rebels and instill fear in the region’s citizens while Jesus and his followers make waves upon arriving at the city gates, subtly undermining the power of the Roman authorities. Afraid of an uprising, the Roman heads of state work together with the Jewish religious authorities to stop Jesus from inspiring his people.

An unforgettable tale with a powerful musical score, Jesus Christ Superstar is the must-see musical for every occasion.