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David Copperfield Tickets

David Copperfield wins awards for TV specials, consistently sells out arenas, and has built a worldwide following that can't be matched! In previous illusions, Copperfield has hidden the Statue of Liberty and walked through the Great Wall of China, to name a few. Don't miss your chance to see one of the most popular illusionists in history! Buy your David Copperfield tickets now!
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David Copperfield
By scope from Arnold, MD on 10/12/2009
Poorly Acted, Too Short

Make no mistake, he is still an amazing showman, but his spirit is not what it used to be. It was like he was performing yet not really wanting to be there. It was as if he was bored, but going through the motion! He does seem to get bored throughout the show. Not much enthusiasm on his part, which is really sad. His act is 7 days a week sometimes 2 and 3 times a day. Perhaps he is bored and should cut back and learn to love it again. If you haven't seen him live, it's worth paying the price of the ticket. But if you have seen him in better times, don't spoil your memories.

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Keep doin your thing david
By adamb from dayton on 10/4/2009
Brilliant Acting, Great Lighting/Effects, Great Set Design
Too Short
Best For:
Casual Theater-Goers, Everyone, Special Occasions, The Whole Family

dont know why he gets rated so low...i thought it was a decent show! entertaining and a good time! it is sorta short but its not a movie its a magic show...Anyways id recommend it.

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Waist of Time & Money
By sammy from Sarasotta, Fl on 2/18/2009
Difficult To Hear, Poorly Acted, Too Short

The show is only 1 hour & 15 minutes, with ten minutes of it being video filler. He opens the show by talking about how he's gonna vanish himself & reappear on the other side of the planet, but does'nt deliver. The show is more gags & video than magic out of the little magic he does manage performing. He should retire, or take a couple years off 2 make a new show, or he'll just continue losing more fans by boring them & himself with the same show for 7 years. The only thing that does'nt change is the prices, they keep getting higher every year. His website is equally as lacking, as it was last updated in 2001!!! He used 2 be great & put on 2 hour shows with several grand illusions & no filler. Now its the complete opposite. He's clearly past his prime & his passion is long gone. Even as a die hard fan, I will not waist my money on this non-magic show again.

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He Does'nt Care Anymore
By Sammy from Sarassota, Fl on 2/16/2009
Too Short

1st thing u should know right off, the show is 1 hour & ten minutes, with 10 minutes of it being video filler. He opens the show with talking about traveling to the other side of the Earth in the blink of an eye. Its an illusion where he takes an audience member & vanishes with them off stage & reappears in Hawaii via a live video feed, yet to the disappointment of everyone, he doesnt performa that illusion at all. The show itself consists more of gags than anything else with David ripping on late audience members, ducks flying across the stage every other trick, taking too much time getting volunteers, etc etc. This is a complete contrast to shows in the past, where it was at least 2 hours with a GREAT deal of more illusions, & LESS gags. & he definetely seems bored as hell & just cant wait 2 get the show over with. & even though its been the same show for 7 years, the price never fails to rise every year hes in town. Another clue that he doesnt care anymore is he doesnt even visit his own message board (whih only has just over 8,000 members), nor has he updated his website since 2001!!! Even as a die hard fan, wont go to his shows anymore as his passion for it is LONG gone.

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David Copperfield Theater Tickets

When it comes to illusionists, few performers are quite as well known as David Copperfield. For nearly 40 years, the New Jersey native has been fine tuning his craft and the efforts have certainly paid off - millions of people have lined up to purchase David Copperfield tickets during his lengthy career.

Copperfield, whose real name is David Kotkin, got his start in magic at a very young age, and he quickly turned into a child prodigy. In fact, he was so good he was teaching his own magic classes at nearby New York University during his teens. Before he had even turned 20, he was headlining shows in Hawaii.

It's easy to see why Copperfield has been such a hit since he first burst on the scene in the 1970s. In addition to his impressive skills crafting illusions, he also has a knack for storytelling and theatrics that set him apart from his peers.

Today, Copperfield performs an estimated 500 shows each year. Not only that, but in addition to his work on stage he has appeared in everything from comedies on TV to big budget movies.