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Burning Man is the annual week-long happening that takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Toted as an art festival that encourages self-expression, Burning Man may possibly be one of the wildest festivals to hit the circuit! Let your creative, artistic and wild side come out to play when you buy your Burning Man tickets now!
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By Burners suck from Chico, ca on 8/11/2012

You have to walk everywhere for a mile or more just to see some art (if you call it that). nothing is as cool as the youtube videos makes it look. portapotties are few and stink. You cant even throw water (ya water) on the ground without someone yelling at you. No dumsters so you have to pack your trash and take it with you home.

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Waste of Money
By AnonBurner from San Francisco, Ca. on 2/12/2012

Burningman even in a RV is harsh. Dust storms, too hot in the day and too cold at night. and you will not get a wink of sleep unless you camp out in the boonies which makes for a long walk everywhere. You cannot rive, and everything is spread out over 8 miles or so. Bad Idea. Don't do it especially not for these inflated prices.

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It will change your life!!
By Burning mama from Ripon Ca on 8/4/2011
Amazing people, Crowd Was In To It, Non-judgmental, Radical self expression, Radical self reliance
Didn't bring enough booze
Best For:

It is an amazing event, full of amazing people! If you are open to relying on your self that is! I have meet the most wonderful people there! They are giving, friendly, and courtious. The art is fabalous and the performers are superb! After my first burn I was inspired to be more than a consumer. I was inspired to learn welding, take up sewing again and pick back up my paint brush to let the creativity flow. I was even inspired to learn fire poi! I have read some of the negative comment here, and those are people who expected something else. They did not even read up on what it is all about! Radical SELF reliance, radical self expression! But it is a community at its best! If you are lacking something, others around you will help you, just ask! But if you are whinning there is no conession stands or showers, and you make yourself unwanted, then dont expect much in return. You are free to leave. My only word of warning is if you are planning on going, then read up on the conditions so you know what to expect! And remember, not every thing happens "on time", it happens on Playa time!

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Burning man sucked
By outlaw from Alameda on 7/23/2011
Crowd Was Not Into It, Too Hot
Best For:

very disorganized, no water, lots of wind and dust portapotties filthy

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Burning Man Concert Tickets

There's no event in the world quite like Burning Man. The week-long festival, held in the Nevada desert, brings revelers from all corners of the globe together to celebrate art, self-expression and self-reliance. Tens of thousands of people flock to the event each year, which has been a staple of the summer festival season for more than 25 years, and today it has grown into a cultural institution, making Burning Man tickets a hot commodity.

The history of Burning Man is a testament to the power of word of mouth. The festival began in 1986 with a total attendance of just 20 people. Less than 10 years later that small group had ballooned to an estimated 8,000 and the titular Burning Man - a towering effigy that's engulfed in flames by the end of the week - topped out at 48 feet tall. By 2011 there were 50,000 people in the desert.

Burning Man is nothing like other festivals such as Bonnaroo or Coachella. Instead of being passive observers, the attendees are active participants in the event, and almost everything that happens is the result of the collective creativity of the gathered masses. A self-contained city for the week, Burning Man will certainly leave a lasting impression on anyone who has picked up Burning Man tickets. Don't miss out; buy your Burning Man tickets today!