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Legend of Zelda Symphony Concert Tickets

The Legend of Zelda Symphony takes the soundtrack from the classic 1980s Nintendo video game and transforms it into a cinematic musical experience. Follow the lead character' a boy named Link' on his adventures as he and other characters from the Zelda universe are projected onto the big screen. Enjoy a recap of 25 years of video game history and buy your Legend of Zelda Symphony tickets today.

Join thousands of other Zelda fans as they watch a full orchestra play songs that were originally composed by longtime video game collaborator Koji Kondo. Guest conductors and orchestrators' like Susie Benchasil Seiter' might make surprise visits to the stage to lead the LIVE orchestra in a four-movement symphony that also includes an overture.

Witness the evolution of Zelda over the last 25 years on a cinema-sized screen positioned above the performing orchestra. Get nostalgic over the pixilated images of the original Nintendo game and the smooth designs you see in today's high-definition consoles. The Zelda symphony experience bounces around the game's various story lines. Among them are Link's battles with the evil prince Ganon' his horseback trek through the countryside of the Ocarina of Time' swimming in the lakes of the Twilight Princess and exploring the castles of The Wind Waker.

Don't miss your chance to see it LIVE; buy your Legend of Zelda Symphony tickets now!