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Team Factoids
Interesting Tidbits
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Team Factoids
Team colors are Seal Brown, Burnt Orange and White.

The Cleveland Browns mascot is CB, Chomps, TD, and Trapper.

The Browns do not have an official emblem to represent their team, but they do have their team colors represented on their helmet.

There are five retired numbers for the Cleveland Browns:
14 – Otto Graham – QB
32 – Jim Brown – FB
45 – Ernie Davis – RB
46 – Don Fleming – DB
76 – Lou Groza – T/PK

Their best seasons in the NFL were 1951 and 1953 with a record of 11-1. Their worst season in the NFL was in 1999 with a record of 2-14.

Interesting Tidbits
While with the AAFC, the Browns won all four AAFC titles and had one undefeated season (in 1948, 15-0) as well as four NFL Championships.

A contest was held to determine the name of the team and the most popular vote was “Panthers.” However, owner of the team, Arthur B. “Mickey” McBride discovered that a semi-pro team in the city already had that name (along with a bad reputation). A second contest was held to pick a new name, which was “Brown Bombers” after heavyweight champion Joe Louis. The name was eventually shortened to “Browns” for local newspaper writers.

"The Drew Carey Show" features the song “Cleveland Rocks.” Carey’s hometown is Cleveland, and he returned there to protest the demolition of the old stadium for a new Browns Stadium on the site of the Municipal Stadium. When fans heard the news of the new stadium, over 100 lawsuits were filed, and Congress was holding hearings on the matter. Carey hosted the “Fan Jam” to protest the move, and it was the only time that Steelers fans and Browns fans were supporting each other.

The Browns have played in two fields. From 1946-1995 the Browns played at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium. The Browns have played at Cleveland Browns Stadium since 1999.

The Browns rowdy crowds at games have come to be known as “The Dawg Pound” since the mid-1980’s. Fans would come to games wearing dog masks and throwing dog biscuits at opposing players.

Although the Browns haven’t won a Super Bowl, they have had plenty of successes under their belts from their first days in the AAFC. While with the AAFC Western, they won all four years the AAFC was operating; 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949. While with the NFL Century, the Browns won in 1967, 1968, and 1969. While with the AFC Central, the Browns won in 1971, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1989. The Browns have enjoyed 11 Conference Championships. While with the NFL American, they won in 1950, 1951 and 1952. While with the NFL Eastern, they won in 1953, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1964, 1965, 1968, and 1969. On top of the four AAFC Championships the Browns won, they also won four NFL Championships in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964.

The Cleveland Browns are members of the Northern Division of the American Football Conference in the NFL. They began play in 1946 as charter members of the All-America Football Conference, and joined the NFL after the AAFC folded in 1950. Head Coach Paul Brown went about extensively searching for the best talent out there for his new team. He recruited a number of great players from Otto Graham (quarter back) to Lou Groza (kicker/offensive tackle) and Mac Speedie (wide receiver) to Bill Willis (nose guard). Because of this talent, the Browns dominated most of the AAFC, winning all four of its championships, even becoming the first undefeated and untied team in professional football history. They had a streak of 18 straight wins.

This series of wins brought in a significant amount of support from the Cleveland area, and they even received a record setting average attendance in their first season with roughly 57,000 people. During the same time another Cleveland football team was operating known as the Cleveland Rams. The Rams were continually losing money, and the popularity of the Browns forced the Rams to move to the Los Angeles area (eventually moving to St. Louis).

After the 1949 season, the AAFC fizzled out mostly because of the Browns domination. The NFL agreed to take three AAFC teams in the 1950 season, and the Browns were a shoe-in. Their first NFL game was against the Philadelphia Eagles and many believed the Eagles would take the win. However, the Browns completely tore down the Eagles defense for a final score of 35-10. Popularity of the team soared higher than before. Their successes continued all the way through to the NFL Championship game, and since the NFL doesn’t recognize the AAFC records for any team, this names the Browns the most successful team in league history. By the next season, the Browns lost their first Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams 24-17.

By the end of the 1980’s, the Oilers were one of the most successful teams in the AFC. They made it through to the Playoffs every year, but were falling short in reaching the Super Bowl. 1991 was their first division title of any kind since 1967.

From 1957-1970, the Browns had fullback Jim Brown who became the NFL’s leading rusher. They made it to the Playoffs again in ’57, but fell to the Detroit Lions 59-14, despite Brown’s 942 yards in the 12-game regular season. The following season, Brown racked up 1,527 yards, which at the time was nearly twice as much as other running backs in the league. During Brown’s nine seasons with the team he crossed the 1,000 yard barrier a total of seven times.

Nick Skorich became the next offensive coordinator, leading the Browns to a Division Title in 1971 and a wild card berth in 1972, barely missing the Playoffs in 1973. Their successful era came to a halt in 1974 when the team dropped to an embarrassing 4-10 record, making this the second losing season in franchise history. Skorich lost his job because of it. The 1979 campaign was the start of the “Kardiac Kids” given that their games were so close. By the 1980’s, the Cleveland Browns were 3-3 in the first six games, but won three straight in a row with fourth quarter comebacks. The next game stopped the Baltimore Colts from a comeback and resulted in a Cleveland win. However, in a game against Oakland, Mike Davis intercepted Cleveland’s “Red Right 88” pass, winning the Raiders the Super Bowl. The rest of the early 80’s were an overall nightmare.

By the mid-80’s and 90’s, the Browns were beginning to rebuild. They again had the best record in the AFC, along with the hardest defense to crack in the NFL. These items combined won them home-field advantage during the Playoffs, one of which was considered the second longest game in NFL history with two overtime periods. The late 80’s brought a string of AFC Central Division Championships. During the 90’s, Bill Belichick had become Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. In 1993, the Browns were in first place, but faltered when Todd Philcox became starter for the team.

The late 90’s brought a standstill. The NFL announced that the Browns would be “deactivated” for a period of three years for a new Browns team and stadium to be built. By 1999, the Browns had rejoined the NFL with high expectations, but struggled out of the gate. By the middle of the season, they had a horrible 0-7 record on the way to a final 2-14 end, which was the worst in franchise history. Through 2000, the Browns have yet to win a Super Bowl Championship, and are looking to find another rebuilding era to change their luck.

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