Kevin Hart getting back to comedic roots on tour

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With so many successful Hollywood hits lately, it's easy to forget exactly how Kevin Hart first rose to prominence. It took years of working the stand-up circuits on the East Coast for Hart to get noticed, but since taking to the stage over 15 years ago, he's turned into one of comedy's leading men on the silver screen. Fresh off 2015 hits like "The Wedding Ringer" and "Get Hard," Hart is now spending the rest of the year getting back to where he feels most at home - the stage.

'What Now? Tour'
Earlier in 2015, Hart announced he would embark on roughly a dozen shows across the U.S., calling it the "What Now? Tour." The tour recently kicked off in California and will conclude in late August in Hart's hometown of Philadelphia. As if anyone was questioning the comedian's current popularity, the "What Now? Tour" is projected to be the highest grossing stand-up tour in 2015 - even with Hart only having performed a few shows so far. While tickets are still available for many of the upcoming arena performances, Hart has already sold an estimated $35 million in advance ticket sales.

Hart's trademark energy on stage is still a staple of his stand-up performances, but early reviews of the shows on this tour indicate that the funnyman is implementing more material that discusses how he handles fame and the pressures of family life. While there are more conventional themes and subjects intertwined in his set, Hart also devotes some time to detailing strange encounters with various animals, including "circling sharks, a gangsta raccoon and surprise orangutan attacks," according to a review from the Contra Costa Times of his recent performance in San Jose, California.

From 5K races to football practices
Hart seems to be spending the latter half of 2015 taking time off from the big Hollywood productions and getting a little fun in. Besides the stand-up tour, Hart has been spotted all over the place, from running 5K races in Boston and Brooklyn to working out with Louisiana State University football coach Les Miles. While it might be a bit difficult to catch him out and about in public, there are still plenty of tickets available for his upcoming shows, which stop in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and multiple cities in Texas.

Marilyn Manson starts tour with Smashing Pumpkins

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When it was announced earlier this year that Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins, two of the most legendary 90's alternative rock acts, would be headlining a 2015 tour, many had no idea what to expect. While both Manson and Pumpkins' frontman Billy Corgan have penned incredible anthems of angst and despair throughout their respected careers, the meshing of Manson's industrial-influenced goth rock with Corgan's layered distortion pedal jams seemed like an odd couple at first. But recent reviews of the two's early shows on their current 2015 U.S. tour indicate that the pair could be a match made in heaven for Generation X and millennial rockers alike.

The End Times Tour
Manson and Corgan have labeled their joint venture concerts as The End Times Tour, and have dozens of shows scheduled all across the country. They currently played a few concerts in California, where early reviews indicate that both Manson and Corgan's setlists feature a strong mixture of well known classics and new anthems off of both artists' recent albums and projects. For Manson, his stage theatrics and antics remain the same as most of his previous tours, with all the flashing strobe lights, frightening visuals and walking on stilts you can handle. Reviews from the California shows highlight that Manson blends in some of the singles off his 2015 album The Pale Emperor as well as his most popular tracks such as "The Beautiful People" and "The Dope Show."

While the music sounds just as roaring and powerful as it did when it first burst onto the 90's alternative scene, perhaps what's flourished the most for both Manson and Corgan over the years is their own personal relationship. Many reports had indicated that after the two had established a bond of admiration for one another in the beginning of their careers, a growing disdain seemed to grow between them over the past decade, resulting in the two not speaking to each other for several years. However, during a joint press conference announcing their tour this year, Corgan described their current relationship as one of mutual respect for one another, despite whatever happened in the past.

"Whatever we had in the beginning we still have," Corgan said at The End Times Tour press conference. "It's a mutual respect, or love, or admiration. It's like brothers. We understand each other in a way that very few people understand us in the world."

Both acts are set to play more than a dozen shows to round out their tour for the rest of summer 2015.

Foo Fighters nix European tour due to Grohl's injury

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Even rock stars are susceptible to injury at times, and the latest victim to suffer from an unfortunate accident is Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl. After more than two decades of touring around the world, the frontman suffered his worst ever performance-related injury yet, breaking his leg during the band's rocking rendition of the classic song "Monkey Wrench." The news was delivered with much regret from Grohl, but he's still hopeful he'll be able to recover later on in the year and finish up the remaining tour dates.

Broken leg gives fans broken hearts
On June 12, Grohl and the rest of the band were playing a massive show in Sweden, at the famous Ullevi Stadium. During the song "Monkey Wrench," only the second song of the evening, Grohl slipped off the stage and suffered what was eventually diagnosed as a broken fibula. Grohl proceeded to finish singing the song into the microphone as he lay on his back, and although he was in pain, he carried on with the show, performing while seated in a chair.

After a trip to the doctor confirmed the injury, Grohl was slated for surgery the following Monday, and his current rehabilitation time is still unknown. The injury has caused Foo Fighters to cancel their remaining European tour dates, which included a headlining appearance at the famous Glastonbury festival in England. Grohl announced the cancelations through the band's Twitter, which featured a picture of the classic Operation board game with a link for fans to click on to read a press statement.

While Grohl was clearly upset about having to miss out on the rest of the European leg of the band's tour, his press statement still revealed he had a sense of humor about the whole situation.

"It kills me to say it.....the doctors have told us to cancel shows. I'm really so sorry, guys. You know I hate to do it, but I'm afraid it's just not physically possible for me at the moment," Grohl wrote in an open letter on the band's website. "As I lay there on my back, I just thought, 'Are you kidding me? We haven't even gotten to the screamy bit of the song and the gig is f------ OVER?"

Grohl ended his letter with a little gesture to this year's fellow Glastonbury headliner Kanye West.

"PS.......Kanye.....Imma let you have this one."

While the European dates are canceled, there is still no word on all the remaining U.S. tour dates slated for later this year. 

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