The Anatomy of a Monster Truck

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Over the last few decades, monster trucks have become a regular part of pop culture. Images of the enormous vehicles - often launching themselves over long rows of cars - are ingrained in the minds of children and adults across many generations. Yet while everyone knows just how impressive these feats of engineering are, few people understand exactly what goes into producing one of these trucks. However, a better understanding of how monster trucks are created makes their mechanical acrobatics even that much more impressive.

To truly appreciate what monster trucks have become, you have to go back to their origins. The first monster trucks started springing up around 1970, when mechanics started making modifications to their pickup trucks for events like mud bogging and truck pulling. Though it started small, it wasn't long before some famous trucks started to break from the pack, including the likes of Bear Foot and King Kong. But it was the most iconic vehicle - Bigfoot - that offered the clearest glimpse into just how impressive monster trucks are.

Anybody who has watched monster trucks over the years is familiar with Bigfoot, but its origins date back to the mid 1970s when Bob Chandler got to work on his 1974 Ford F-250. What started as an ordinary pickup truck quickly took on a different form. The first change Chandler made to his truck was making it possible to steer on both axles - an idea previously only adopted by the Army - but he quickly took things much further. With enormous wheels and a unique steering capability, Chandler went on to ask local farmers for junked cars that he could run over as a joke. That joke went on to become the basis of an enormously popular style of motorsports. 

Though it started with Bigfoot, monster trucks of today have taken unusual designs and modifications to levels not seen anywhere else. The bodies of modern trucks, such as Gravedigger and Jurassic Attack, have become an art form unto themselves. Despite the variety in styles, a few things hold true; they have supercharged engines, the wheels rise in excess of five feet tall, and the displacement of at least 575 cubic inches makes these modern marvels truly a sight to behold.

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Top 10 Scariest Songs

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Posting Graphic Spanning the globe, All Saints' Day (aka Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Dziady or All Souls' Day) is found in multiple cultures. In the west Halloween has taken the form of little children dressed up in polyester costumes ringing doorbells and holding out their empty pillowcases in anticipation of sugar-laden treats. Teenagers and young adults get together to play the Ouija board, Bloody Mary and, well, scare the hell out of one another.

While we think of this day as the day to hunker down and watch films that will keep us quivering under the covers with fear long after we've retired for the evening, there is more out there. If you like a little fear in your daily diet, dine on one of these top 10 scariest songs of all time.

Megadeth "Mary Jane"
With lyrics that crawl out in a growl, the song begins "Forgive me father for I have sinned, I'm a child of the air, I'm a witch of the wind. And I'm still wide awake." Followed by Dave Mustaine's unmistakable guitar riffs, this Megadeth classic tops the lists. With a simply frightening storyline about a girl who begins practicing witchcraft and is then buried alive as punishment when she seeks forgiveness from her father, it's easy to see why this tune is number one.

Alice Cooper "Welcome To My Nightmare"
When it comes to scary, Alice Cooper, the streaked makeup and his creepy persona are up there. Crooning about becoming part of someone's mental breakdown, it's difficult to tell if the lyrics or the video is what makes this song so, well, creepy. See for yourself.

Iron Maiden "Bring Your Daughter"
Originally penned for the 1989 film "Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child," one could only imagine the horror of the movie paired with this song. While the original version is a little less powerful, Iron Maiden puts their brand of terror on it with all the right riffs.

Dangerous Toys "Scared"
While it may be another case of scary song versus scary video, 1980's hair metal band Dangerous Toys hit all the right notes with this single, landing them squarely on the charts and on this list.

Metallica "Enter Sandman"
It goes without saying that Metallica would find their way onto this list in one form or another. Lyrics written by frontman James Hetfield, the song chronicles the destruction of an ideal family by a sinister secret. Maybe the scariest thing about this song is that it happens every day.

King Diamond "Sleepless Nights"
Opera star turned heavy metal performer, King Diamond is famous for his ear-piercing falsetto and the horrific storylines that run through his albums. This tune, and its accompanying video, is sure to give you many sleepless nights as you ponder the true menace in King Diamond's lyrics.

Slayer "South of Heaven"
Slayer is often referred to as one of the top four big heavy metal bands. Dropping albums that are swathed in skulls and pentagrams, it's easy to see why the band made the list. Take into account Tom Araya's voice screeching out "The root of all evil is the heart of a black soul" followed by more droning of "On and on south of heaven," and there's no need to question the song's presence here.

Ozzy "Bark at the Moon"
"Bark at the Moon" … a song about a mythical beast that formerly terrorized a town, was killed and then resurrected itself to wreak havoc on the town again … any questions?

Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
Marilyn Manson's persona is the epitome of creepy. Toss in a pop song originally by the Eurythmics, slowed down and whispered and groaned by Manson, it's a recipe with disturbing written all over it. Oh, and the super creepy video boosts the version's disturb factor.

Motley Crüe "Shout at the Devil"
This one is a no-brainer … Halloween, devil, Motley Crüe … welcome to the number 10 of the top scariest Halloween tunes.

Now go out there and get some candy!

This Weekends Hottest Events

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