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3 Things to Look Forward to During the 2014 Halftime Show

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Unless you live under a rock, you know the Super Bowl is Sunday. You should also know Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will take the field at MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show. The most anticipated football game of the year, delicious finger foods and an epic halftime show, what could be better?

We'll tell you what.

1) FREE iTunes Download

U2 will debut their new track "Invisible" during a commercial break. If you catch the song's debut, you can download it for free on iTunes.

Here's the catch, its only available for a limited time. Come Monday, Bank of America will donate one dollar for each download, up to a total of $2 million, to the Global Fund. (The song will no longer be available on iTunes as of Tuesday.) So don't miss it! If U2, doesn’t do it for you, don't worry.

It's Bruno joining the ranks of past Super Bowl performers like Paul McCartney, Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna. While Mars is keeping his set list secret, he's making it clear his performance will stay true to his laid back style. "I don't trapeze and all that stuff," said Mars, likely referring to slack-liner Andy Lewis, aka "Sketchy Andy," and Madonna's Super Bowl performance.

Mars is keeping the set simple, and his hair intact. The Hawaiian native joked, he has "three gallons of hairspray" on hand for his performance. Perfectly quaffed hair in place or not, Mars is pretty cute. But, we suspect he will have some competition in the cuteness department during this year's halftime show.

2) 2014 Puppy Bowl Halftime Show

How can you resist cute, cuddly puppies? Seriously, if you can, something's wrong with you. Puppy Bowl point in case: It's ok to channel surf. Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl attracted over 12 million viewers in 2013.

And, since the Puppy Bowl loves cuteness of all kinds, they've invited the Interweb's Keyboard Cat to perform LIVE. Keyboard Cat will cover Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven."

Keyboard Cat, aka Bento, has five iTune albums, inspired by the Velvet Underground's John Cale and Gwar. Yet, Bento's biggest inspiration comes from the original Keyboard Cat, Fatso. RIP Fatso. Your legacy lives on.

If you're not one of the nearly 35 million views on Keyboard Cat's viral video, you pretty much haveto tune in to see this performance!

3) 2014 Kitten Bowl

Just to even the playing field, this year the Hallmark Channel is hosting the first-ever Kitten Bowl. That's right, now you can watch cute kittens take on the competition too. Cats took over the internet a long time ago, so it's no surprise they're turning their attention to TV, and during primetime, no less.

Did you know over a 100 million viewers watched the 2013 Super Bowl?

Cat-people, it's finally your turn. I just hope those kittens trot out to "Eye of the Tiger." It's only fitting. Which super bowl halftime show are you looking forward to most?

Ticketmaster Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Ah, October! That wonderful time of year when the leaves turn orange and our tickets turn pink.

"What's that?" you say? "Pink tickets?" 

That's right, my friends! Pink tickets! 

As you may know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Our parent company, Ticketmaster, is committed to helping raise awareness among fans of all things live entertainment. One way we do that is to turn our tickets pink for the month of October. What that means is, every time you purchase a ticket through Ticketmaster, your ticket will take on a limited-edition pink hue. It doesn't matter when the event takes place; if you buy the ticket in October, it's going to be pink!

On top of that, we'll be donating a portion of the proceeds of every NFL ticket sold through Ticketmaster and NFL Ticket Exchange to the American Cancer Society. Every time you snag a ticket to a game, you'll be actively helping to fight breast cancer. It doesn't get much better than that!

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