Erich Church inspires 'Jurassic World' character

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When many people think of Eric Church, it's easy to listen to his songs of the blue-collar lifestyle and see his tough-guy music videos and think that he's someone you'd certainly not want to mess with. That's what actor Chris Pratt apparently thought as well, as the star of the blockbuster "Jurassic World" recently declared in an interview that the inspiration behind his lead character of Owen Grady was indeed none other than mainstream country's biggest outlaw himself.

Is Owen Grady actually Eric Church?
Anyone who has seen "Jurassic World" knows that Chris Pratt's lead character Owen Grady isn't your typical action hero. Grady is a technically an expert in training velicoraptors in the movie, but it's his constant swagger, snappy comebacks and overall cocky-yet-charming demeanor that allows him to be awe-inspiring and relatable. Many of those characteristics, aside from training velociraptors, can also be attributed to Eric Church, the man known for his confident tracks such as "Guys Like Me" and "Drink In My Hand." Turns out that Church's behavior was quite an influence on Pratt's development of Grady for the movie.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Pratt admitted to including Church in his mantra he'd repeat to himself before every take, which was "Flow core, no TC, volume up point five, Eric Church." 'Flow core' was a reference to his paddleboarding posture, while 'TC' was an abbreviation for triple chin, reminding him to keep his forehead up to avoid having a, fuller face. 'Volume up point five' reminded him to project his voice while 'Eric Church' was to help Pratt recall Church's song "Dark Side," one of the country star's edgier songs off of his 2014 album The Outsiders.

The actor would repeat this phrase before every take, and extensively listened to the song "Dark Side" to channel the nature of a kind-hearted quasi-outlaw who is the focal point of Church's song. While Church has yet to publicly respond to Pratt's declaration to the singer as an influence, one can only hope that the country star would be up for perhaps making a dinosaur-inspired track for his next album. Church is currently on tour with shows scheduled until early September, including multiple festival appearances along the way. Tickets are currently on sale for the majority of the concerts.

Ariana Grande all set for a big summer 2015

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It seems like Ariana Grande's rise to superstardom only continues to get stronger as her career progresses. After 2014, in which she experienced everything from having her second studio album My Everything top the Billboard Album Charts, winning countless awards as well as being featured on Saturday Night Live and The Hunger Games soundtrack, 2015 is only posed for more success for Grande. With a nationwide tour already in place as well as announcements of a new album on the horizon, Grande is taking great strides to improve upon her diva presence in today's pop music landscape.

Current tour
Earlier in 2015, Grande embarked on The Honeymoon Tour, which traveled across the U.S. as well as reaching several countries in Europe and Asia. The early performances received rave reviews, and according to Billboard, the singer's first leg of her 2015 U.S. tour has already earned her more than $14 million, selling nearly 300,000 tickets in its first 25 concerts. While the tour is on a temporary hiatus, Grande will be all set to return to performing on July 11, where she is slated to sing at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cincinnati.

After the All-Star Game, The Honeymoon Tour will pick right back up on July 16, and will continue until well into mid-October. In addition to dozens of U.S. cities, the tour is also expected to stop at countries all around the world, with dates arranged in Canada, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia.

New album and acting gigs
While The Honeymoon Tour is sure to keep Grande busy during 2015, she's also been hinting at a variety of other projects, including working on her highly anticipated followup album to My Everything. The singer has confirmed in interviews that her new album will be titled Moonlight, and has also been tweeting lyrics for potential songs that may be included on the track list. The hints of a new album have coincided with the news that she recently inked a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, but no official release date for Moonlight has been announced yet. 

In addition to the new album, Grande is also set go back to television acting after it was announced she would have a recurring character on a new Fox sitcom called Scream Queens, a comedy-horror show that will include other famous actresses such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts. All of these reports continue to allude to Grande making 2015 a bigger year than it's already been for her.

Sir Elton John contributes to Apple Music launch

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With the recent announcement of Apple Music, the iconic software company has once again launched itself onto the spotlight of the music industry. Apple Music is the latest streaming option to put itself forward in the ever-evolving world of streaming subscription services, and there is no doubt the company plans on taking over this specific industry in the near future. To celebrate its launch, which will take place on June 30, 2015, Apple has enlisted several prominent musicians to contribute to a day-long program of Beats 1 Radio, one of the components of the entire Apple Music subscription. None other than Sir Elton John was one of the big names attached to what could be the dawn of a new era in streaming music.

Elton John headlines star-studded list
Along with fellow music legends such as Dr. Dre, Pharrell and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, Elton John will be hosting his own hour-long radio show on Beats 1 Radio, a station that's included with an Apple Music subscription. Elton's radio program is being titled as "Elton John's Rocket Hour," and is expected to feature the legendary piano player singing some live songs from his extensive catalog, as well as interviewing other musicians on what continues to drive them creatively.

One of the main contributors to the new Beats 1 Radio will be BBC DJ Zane Lowe, who has continuously been on the forefront of groundbreaking music interviews on his own podcast and BBC radio shows. John has expressed his admiration for Lowe, telling The New York Times how forward he looks to being able to work alongside the renowned DJ during the Beats 1 Radio launch.

"Zane is a genuine enthusiast; this is not a fake thing," John said in an interview with The New York Times. "He's a fan, and he's a fan who's got the opportunity to make his position in the world work for other people. He genuinely loves music, and that's my kind of guy."

After the initial June 30 launch, Apple Music will be available to subscribe to for $9.99 a month, with a $15 a month family plan that allows up to six users to share one account. There will be tens of millions of songs available for members to stream, and users can take their songs with them everywhere they go, as they can be instantly accessed through cloud storage services and streamed onto their smartphones or music player devices.

Elton still going strong on tour
In addition to lending a hand to the Apple Music festivities, Sir Elton John also has dozens of concerts scheduled for well into the end of 2015. Besides numerous appearances and festival dates planned in the U.S., John will also be selling out concerts all around the world, ranging from Japan to Australia. The 68-year-old legendary performer certainly shows no signs of settling down anytime soon, and his tour is currently underway and will conclude in late December.