Ticketmaster Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Ah, October! That wonderful time of year when the leaves turn orange and our tickets turn pink.

"What's that?" you say? "Pink tickets?" 

That's right, my friends! Pink tickets! 

As you may know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Our parent company, Ticketmaster, is committed to helping raise awareness among fans of all things live entertainment. One way we do that is to turn our tickets pink for the month of October. What that means is, every time you purchase a ticket through Ticketmaster, your ticket will take on a limited-edition pink hue. It doesn't matter when the event takes place; if you buy the ticket in October, it's going to be pink!

On top of that, we'll be donating a portion of the proceeds of every NFL ticket sold through Ticketmaster and NFL Ticket Exchange to the American Cancer Society. Every time you snag a ticket to a game, you'll be actively helping to fight breast cancer. It doesn't get much better than that!

Get to Know Your Grand Slam Majors

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The tennis season is one of the longest in professional sports, and while tennis players may compete in dozens of events throughout the year, there are four that stand above the rest: The Grand Slam Majors. The majors comprise the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open, and capturing any one of the four grand slam titles is a career goal for any player who has taken to the tennis court. Each of these four events has its own unique history.

Australian Open
The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam event of the year and is held during two weeks in January. It was held for the first time in 1905. Since then it has undergone some substantial changes, including moving from grass courts to hard courts in 1988. The Australian Open has also given tennis fans some of the most memorable matches in tennis history.

The 2012 Men's Singles final, which pitted Novak Djokovic against Rafael Nadal, is one of the most famous finals in recent memory. The match lasted five sets, with nearly every one going down to the wire. It took nearly six hours to complete. In the end Djokovic was able to defend his 2011 title. (He also captured the 2013 Australian Open title to make it three in a row.)

French Open
Held between late May and early June at legendary Roland Garros, the French Open is among the most unique major sporting events in the world. Unlike the other three Grand Slam tournaments, the French Open is held on clay courts, which not only adds an unusual element to the game, but also sets it apart from most other competitions. The Open dates back to the 1890s, but it was more than 30 years until players outside of France were allowed to enter.

During the tournament's lengthy history, few players have been more dominant on its clay surface than Nadal on the men's side and Justine Henin on the women's. Between 2005 and 2012, Nadal won seven times (only losing in 2009), while Henin has captured four titles.

Arguably the most famous of the four Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon is also the oldest. The event has been held since 1877 at the legendary All England Club, and it is the only one of the majors to be played on grass courts. Much like the other tournaments, Wimbledon has helped turn big name players into legends. Roger Federer (who holds 17 Grand Slam titles as of 2013) has won Wimbledon seven times, and it's where he has had his greatest successes. 

US Open
Since it was first hosted in 1881, winning the US Open has been the goal for all American tennis players. The event is held each year in New York City, with the finals being played in legendary Arthur Ashe Stadium. In the same way Federer is synonymous with Wimbledon, Pete Sampras was known to play his best tennis at the US Open - he captured five singles titles during his career. The same can be said for Steffi Graf, who has five titles of her own.



UFC: The Road to the Octagon

Anyone who has caught a glimpse of a UFC fight knows that mixed martial artists are among the most finely tuned athletes in professional sports. Not only do they put their bodies on the line every time they get in the octagon, but the skill, flexibility and dedication it takes to master multiple kinds of martial arts can only be achieved by a select few. Watching them in action certainly is a testament to their athleticism, but a more detailed look at their training regimen makes their achievements even more impressive.

To truly understand the work it requires to make it to the highest levels of MMA, you need look no further than Tito Ortiz. As one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport, his workout routine is certainly impressive. Speaking with Fitzness.com in 2011, Ortiz detailed just how strenuous his workout regimen is. He trains six days a week, and that includes a 3-mile run followed by sparring, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and boxing. All in all, he estimates he puts in about eight hours of exercise each day - which basically makes working out his full time job.

It's a demanding profession to be sure, but Ortiz certainly reaped the rewards of his hard work. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2012, and his bouts with legends such as Randy Couture and Chuck Liddel will ensure he lives on in the annals of UFC history for decades to come. 

Of course, Ortiz isn't the only UFC fighter with jaw-dropping training regimens. Ronda Rousey - who made history when she became the first female athlete to sign with the UFC - has a routine that's hard to top. She credits the wide variety of skills an MMA fighter needs to learn with helping her sculpt her envy-inducing abs and arms. Aside from having to focus on technical striking, Judo, and wrestling, she says she mixes in things like Pilates and training on sand dunes to get a truly well-rounded experience. 

Getting to the highest levels of any sports, whether it be basketball, football, golf or swimming, takes commitment, but few endeavors are quite as demanding as MMA. Yet Rousey, Ortiz, and the other members of this elite crew have managed to do just that with an impressive combination of skill, dedication, and strength. 


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