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Anyone who has caught a glimpse of a UFC fight knows that mixed martial artists are among the most finely tuned athletes in professional sports. Not only do they put their bodies on the line every time they get in the octagon, but the skill, flexibility and dedication it takes to master multiple kinds of martial arts can only be achieved by a select few. Watching them in action certainly is a testament to their athleticism, but a more detailed look at their training regimen makes their achievements even more impressive.

To truly understand the work it requires to make it to the highest levels of MMA, you need look no further than Tito Ortiz. As one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport, his workout routine is certainly impressive. Speaking with Fitzness.com in 2011, Ortiz detailed just how strenuous his workout regimen is. He trains six days a week, and that includes a 3-mile run followed by sparring, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and boxing. All in all, he estimates he puts in about eight hours of exercise each day - which basically makes working out his full time job.

It's a demanding profession to be sure, but Ortiz certainly reaped the rewards of his hard work. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2012, and his bouts with legends such as Randy Couture and Chuck Liddel will ensure he lives on in the annals of UFC history for decades to come. 

Of course, Ortiz isn't the only UFC fighter with jaw-dropping training regimens. Ronda Rousey - who made history when she became the first female athlete to sign with the UFC - has a routine that's hard to top. She credits the wide variety of skills an MMA fighter needs to learn with helping her sculpt her envy-inducing abs and arms. Aside from having to focus on technical striking, Judo, and wrestling, she says she mixes in things like Pilates and training on sand dunes to get a truly well-rounded experience. 

Getting to the highest levels of any sports, whether it be basketball, football, golf or swimming, takes commitment, but few endeavors are quite as demanding as MMA. Yet Rousey, Ortiz, and the other members of this elite crew have managed to do just that with an impressive combination of skill, dedication, and strength. 


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MMA and UFC Forecast

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) has risen to become one of the most popular sports in the world as of late, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Ultimate Fighting (UFC) matches have become the pinnacle of the sport, and UFC fights have grown to become daylong events much in the way football and baseball. As the UFC season winds into autumn, there are a number of fighters to keep your eye on.

Jon Jones
Just 25 years old, Jones is the youngest UFC title holder in the sports history, and is currently the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. According to ESPN, he is the second-best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Given his steep ascent to the top of the fighting world, it's no surprise that he's earned his fair share of fierce rivals, and everyone in UFC is dying for the chance to unseat Jones.

The next chance comes on September 22, when Jones takes on Vitor Belfort in UFC 152. The matchup is an interesting one for a couple reasons. For starters, Belfort is one of the most decorated fighters in mixed martial arts history, but he has to move up a weight class to fight Jones, so he enters as an underdog. Additionally, Jones has already thrown down the gauntlet, claiming his record is more impressive than Belfort's despite being less experienced.

Jose Aldo
Aldo, the current UFC Featherweight champion, is also among the most feared pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Much like Jones, he is one of the best upcoming young talents in the MMA world at just 26 years old. Most people became familiar with Aldo when he was named the 2009 Fighter of the Year.

Though he has been dominant as of late, Aldo's Featherweight championship title may challenged when he takes on Frankie Edgar on October 13 in Rio de Janeiro. Edgar, who comes in as an underdog given Aldo's 21-1-0 record, is no slouch either. The 30-year-old is a former Lightweight champion and brings his own 14-3-1 record to the table.

* In a sport as contact heavy as MMA, injuries are bound to happen. Aldo injured his foot and has currently pulled out of the much anticipated fight. Currently there is no word on if the Edgar vs. Aldo match will be rescheduled.

Chris Weidman
Weidman, a former collegiate wrestler, is an interesting story. A former collegiate wrestler, he made his UFC debut in 2011 and has been a perfect 9-0 ever since. However, that unblemished record will be put to the test later this year when he and Tim Boetsch square off on December 29.

The matchup could prove to be crucial in the hunt for the Middleweight crown, as both have looked like contenders in recent bouts.

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