This Blake Griffin Dunk is Ridiculous

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Blake Griffin posterized Kendrick Perkins in last night's Clippers / Thunder battle. Have you seen a better or bigger dunk this year?  Ever?

On Sunday Lebron had a monster dunk of his own when he jumped over the Bulls' John Lucas on his way to a huge alley op. Yes, you read that right, he jumped over John Lucas.

Share your favorite dunk with us in the comment section below.

Super Bowl Kickoff 6 days away and average ticket price remains high

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January 30, 2012 - 6 Days Till Kickoff!

Super Bowl XLVI resale ticket data from the Official NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster.

There are currently more than 2,100 Super Bowl XLVI tickets still available on the NFL Ticket Exchange.

Here are some key stats from this year's ticket list price data. For comparison we included last year's prices bolded in brackets at the end of each of bullet.

  • Low $2,375 – Section 504, Upper Corner (down -$225 from Friday) [$2,189]
  • High $15,343 – Section 113, Row 1, 50-Yd Line (down -$1,705 from Friday) [$22,729]
  • Average Ticket Price (sold) - $4,346 (down -$9 from Friday) [$4,091]

Percent of Super Bowl XLVI tickets sold by customer location and average resale price per ticket:

New York                        13.3%                  $4,277
New Jersey                      11.8%                  $3,991
Indiana                             8.7%                  $4,090
Connecticut                       6.8%                  $5,328
Illinois                               5.8%                  $3,995
California                           5.3%                  $3,673
Massachusetts                   5.0%                  $3,960

(All data current as of 10am CT 01.30.12)

Do NBA half-time shows influence ticket resale prices?

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On TicketsNow the average ticket resale price for Detroit Pistons game featuring T-Pain performing at halftime is nearly 64% higher than average!  It should be noted that they are playing the Miami Heat, and that surely has something to do with the jump, but it is still a huge increase in average.

Has a half-time show ever influenced you in deciding what game you would attend?

Here are some more stats:

·Pi  - Pistons overall average ticket price this season: $69

·       - Average ticket price for Jan. 25 game vs. Miami Heat (T-Pain performing at half-time): $113

·G  - Get-in list price for Feb. 3 Pistons vs. Bucks (Vanilla Ice performing at half-time): $5

dj  I know what you're saying, "I can see Vanilla Ice for only 5 bucks!" Trust me, I was shocked too.  Does this signal a Vanilla Ice comeback? We're not sure either but just in case you can watch the offical "Ice Ice Baby" video below.  Lets kick it:

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